Tuition Reimbursement

It is becoming the norm for healthcare employers, such as nursing homes, to pay a particular percentage of a prospective CNA student’s training costs. Long Term Care Facilities set a ceiling on the amount they will pay toward financialtraining. In turn, newly certified CNAs will contractually work a minimum, pre-determined length of time.

Atlantic County’s One Stop program offers reimbursement for eligible students to a training facility (i.e. Allied Health Training Institute) for the cost of skills training. Accepted participants may train in one approved credit or noncredit certificate program for one year (up to $4,000 in cost) in order to prepare for a demand occupation (as defined by the Department of Labor), and CNA, CHHA, and Phlebotomy are considered “demand occupations.”

Call and speak with an Allied Health Training Institute representative to discuss how you may be able to have your tuition reimbursed as well as grants available. 609-241-8486